The Game Changer | VIPsCanadian-based HeadNorth has introduced a different way of thinking about helmet protection.

Most helmet systems use dense foam to protect the skull from injury. EPS foam (cycling helmets) and vinyl nitrile (hockey helmets) do little to reduce rapid acceleration and deceleration of the brain with direct primary and secondary impacts. The company’s system hopes to provide improved protection across all sports and age demographics.

Their proposed Vented Impact Protection System (VIPs) solution offers a unique set of features.

Five-in-one Cushions

The design offers one isothermal, one tensile and three compression mechanisms.

The main cushion feature allows the movement of gas through an orifice – a unique concept in protective head gear.


Multi-stage Cushioning

The cushions assembled together to provide comfort for the wearer, better temperature management and advanced dynamic range of impact protection.

Foam helmet liners offer only single-stage cushioning.


Better Control of Primary and Secondary Impacts

The units will offer better dissipation and absorption of impact forces. Extending the time of impact may better cushion primary hits to the head. Extending impact duration can reduce instances and severity of damage to the brain.

In cases where the head is not directly impacted, the VIPs system may better control the change in rotational velocity of the head and brain from environmental surfaces due to subsequent impacts.


Replaceable Cushions

The durable units can be replaced over time. Sports participants can be assured their helmets are always performing optimally. This is an improvement over foam, which permanently compresses over time.

Helmet manufacturers can introduce a consumable component to their product lines.


Comfort Fit

The outermost chamber is filled with a low-pressure gas. This feature provides protection for low-level impacts. The design allows instant comfort fit for varied head sizes and shapes. No custom sizing or inflation required.


Available to all sports

The VIPs system introduces a new and inclusive system. The design is encouraged for use with participating manufacturers for all styles of helmets.


Custom Shapes

The shapes of the units are customized to provide a superior level of head protection based on expected linear and rotational forces. Ask us how we do it.


Affordable helmets at all levels

All sports should have access to a better helmet cushioning system. By accessing existing infrastructure, marketing and distribution, the VIPs system can be offered at affordable price points.

This strategy provides the ability to save lives across multiple sports, age and skill demographics.