HeadNorth continues to search for funding after our latest unsuccessful attempt to improve the safety of sport. We recently applied for funding to a USA-based HeadHealth Tech Challenge for the improvement of football equipment.

“We were hoping for a better outcome, but we are never daunted by failure,” said Marty Lachance, Founder of HeadNorth. “We received excellent feedback on the design, we’re not worried about that aspect. We have a unique helmet concept that perplexes many in the industry. We believe our system is better than most of the other innovations that are being put forward but we know we’ll have many more setbacks along the way. It’s all part of the process.”

HeadNorth is hoping to introduce a new concept in both physical helmet protection and business model. While many companies are built to compete and crush other manufacturers, HeadNorth is hoping to collaborate on an interior helmet system that can be used with all helmet companies and helmet styles.

“Ultimately it’s the participants that lose when helmet manufacturers and researchers work in silos in hopes of crushing the competition. Collaboration is the key to helping mitigate or eliminate head injury in sport,” added Lachance.

HeadNorth will be conducting further research on their innovation to better demonstrate the concept to potential funders. They will re-apply in January 2018 for the HeadHealth Tech Challenge. Also in 2018, the company will have completed the waiting period for application to Canadian government funding programs and hopes to pursue all available options.