Endless debates on concussions and calls for less aggressive play in contact sports clearly demonstrate the time for change was years ago. We are drowning in a sea of brain injury statistics that all measurably point to the same conclusion. Sports, we have a problem.

“Helmets don’t prevent brain injury is a myth that needs to stop,” said Marty Lachance, Founder of Canadian startup HeadNorth. “This is absolutely not true. Simply because helmets may not prevent all types of injury now shows us that we have work to do.”

In 2016, Lachance realized that the industry needed a completely different type of solution. By examining current and defunct helmet startup companies, it became clear that a different helmet and a different business approach was required.

“I’m not sure it makes sense to spend research time and money trying to create a helmet that targets a single sport and narrow demographic,” says Lachance. “Creating a helmet for professional football does nothing for the thousands playing in youth leagues. All sports deserve better helmet protection.”




The goal at HeadNorth is to develop a cushioning system that can be placed into all types of helmets. Their proposed solution promises affordability to the professionals as well as the sports moms and dads.

The flexible cushioning units are made into various shapes for expected linear and rotational forces. The cushions are then placed within a helmet shell to form a complete protective matrix.

“We’ve been encouraged to apply for funding for the NFL’s HeadHealthTech Challenge, but we need to build the team first. We are looking to collaborate with engineering, medical and former sports professionals who are interested in helping change the helmet industry,” added Lachance.

The animation released by HeadNorth demonstrates how the multi-stage system helps prevent head injury. A list of features has been published on their website.

As we work through funding channels, we continue to look for team members. 

Interested parties can email info@headnorth.ca for more information about working with the HeadNorth team.