In the spring of 2016, I was listening to yet another story on brain injury in sport. Something actually happened to my brain that day. It grew tired of hearing the stories of tragedy and fallacious arguments on helmet safety improvements.

I committed a week to do nothing else but research and devise a better helmet protection solution. I’m not an engineer and I’ve never played a helmet sport. This, I figured, is the type of brain required to solve this challenge.

After two days of thinking, drawing and floating through 3D space, I had a concept. I liked it. So I shelved it. I figured “Yes! That’s what they need to do”.

After a couple of months, the idea kept coming back – waking me up at night. I thought this was a sign to get this off the ground. I decided to approach professionals working with helmet technologies. Over the course of the next few months I met with senior engineers and Professors at University of Waterloo. I presented my idea to mechanical engineers and biomechanics experts in the field of sports. Here is the feedback I’ve received:

“This is a very different helmet solution. Outside of the box thinking.”

“This addresses something in the helmet industry that has been talked about for years and nobody has been able to do.”

“After hearing hundreds of helmet pitches over my career, this has merit.”

“This may be a true disruptive product in the helmet industry.”

I filed for a patent on the concept and over the course of the next few months, we’ll be taking the steps to prototype and test this – with the plan to bring to market. I want to create an affordable and advanced cushioning system for ALL types of helmets at ALL levels of sport. A solution that will produce an improved and repeatable level of protection – across every square inch of the head at all times.

The company is called HeadNorth. We’re going to change sports helmets.

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