For Parents

Every parent wants peace of mind that their child has the best helmet that money can buy. Our unique patent-pending system will protect your little player's head at every age and size.

For Amateurs

Our helmets can protect amateur players from hits and falls while on the ice, field or slopes. Our goal is improved protection, lighter head gear and better value.

For The Pros

With our unique and patent-pending design, our mission is to decrease the risk of injury in professional sport.

For Safety

Our cushioning system can help absorb concussive forces due to hazardous conditions. Contact us for more information.

About HeadNorth

We don't make helmets...but we're going to make helmets better. HeadNorth was founded in 2016 in an effort to change the sports and safety helmet industry. The unique helmet system is unlike any other cushioning system on the market. Our design will provide superior protection at all levels of sport and for those who engage in dangerous working conditions. It will engage sporting fans and appeal to hockey moms/dads, coaches, leagues and team owners around the globe.
  • 2016

    2016 was our start

    We felt that the issue of injury due to inferior helmet technology was not truly being addressed by helmet manufacturers. We are going help. Stay tuned for some real outside-the-box thinking.

HeadNorth News

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Vented Impact Protection System
Jul 2
Jul 2

High Tech Helmets That Change The Game | Video

Endless debates on concussions and calls for less aggressive play in contact sports clearly demonstrate the time for change was years ago. We are drowning in a sea of brain injury statistics that all measurably point to the same conclusion. Sports, we have a problem. “Helmets don’t prevent brain injury is a myth that needs […]

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The Game Changer | VIPs
Jul 2
Jul 2

Vented Impact Protection System | Features

Canadian-based HeadNorth has introduced a different way of thinking about helmet protection. Most helmet systems use dense foam to protect the skull from injury. EPS foam (cycling helmets) and vinyl nitrile (hockey helmets) do little to reduce rapid acceleration and deceleration of the brain with direct primary and secondary impacts. The company’s system hopes to provide […]

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